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Nick Vaverko, founder of Luxehorn (formerly Castaways Design), knows what women want. He knows that they want the freedom to express their identity, their individuality. And, he knows they revel in the thrill of the hunt for pieces that call to them. So, in 2004, he set out to give them wearable art that would do just that. From city conquerors to suburban sirens, these daring women turn to eco-conscious Luxehorn to express their adventurous spirit and the artist within.

Spotlighted regularly in national magazines such as Lucky, Allure and Cosmopolitan, and sold at DKNY stores in New York and London and Nolcha Retail, among others, Luxehorn is renowned for attracting the feistiest of females and capturing them as loyal customers and collectors. Why? Because the Luxehorn woman was born to hunt, and Luxehorn was born to provide the thrill.

Today, more than ever, women want to wear items that excite them and symbolize their creativity and free spiritedness. They are on a constant quest for handcrafted pieces of the highest quality and originality. They seek artisan treasures that are made responsibly and with passion. Luxehorn never fails to meet these desires, stopping tenacious temptresses in their high-heeled tracks. "This is it! This is what I've been looking for!" is an exclamation heard daily at Luxehorn.

Launched five years ago by Vaverko after a trip home to Ukraine - where he was inspired by the work of local designers and craftsmen - Luxehorn has been garnering the attention of leading fashion designers, retailers and press ever since. Known for its explosive array of colors, bold but feather-light geometric forms and use of unconventional materials, Luxehorn's fashion jewelry and accessories are not for the meek or mainstream.

Luxehorn is for the young, urban woman who lives life by her rules and refuses to take the safe route. It's also for the seasoned sophisticate who jumps at the chance to walk into a room and own it. And, Luxehorn is ideal for the traditional gal who wants to step outside of the sidelines. With Luxehorn, she will be the envy of all.

"Our jewelry and accessories are art in its purest form," says Vaverko. "We try to envision what a woman thinks about and how she feels when dressing for those moments when she wants to look beautiful while daring to look different. This is what drives our designers and artists; often, it is this image that is the catalyst for the team's breakthrough moments."

Sculpted from natural horn (sourced as an animal by-product) and reclaimed leather, and brilliantly colored by the company's patented, safe dying techniques, Luxehorn's stunning earrings, necklaces, cuffs and more also demonstrate its commitment to a cleaner environment.

"Our original name, Castaways Design, implies our resourcefulness," adds Vaverko. "In the beginning, I looked around for supplies of materials that were going to be thrown away or destroyed. Horn and leather were ideal for my vision. Instead of ending up in landfills, burned or buried, these materials have been made into wearable art worthy of gallery space. This makes us feel good about what we are doing, and after we pass this knowledge onto our customers, they feel like they are making much more than a style statement. "They certainly are.

Avant-garde in appearance, lightweight in feel, cutting-edge in craftsmanship and sensitive in nature, Luxehorn jewelry and accessories satisfy the senses of the eco-savvy woman seeking the extraordinary. Are you a Luxehorn woman?