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Natural Horn Dictates Color Choice, Drives Sales

Luxehorn retailers sell best what it makes best. And that is determined by nature.

There are no two pieces of horn that are alike, as there are no two pieces of Luxehorn jewelry that are the same. This is why retailers the world over have found that when they display a piece from Luxehorn, they are in a category that is reserved for only a select few.

"When Luxehorn works with a retailer, it is a very personal partnership," says Nick Vaverko. "And we select retailers, or they select us, based on our reputation for perfection, and the personal passion and understanding that goes into each of our pieces."

Luxehorn, a provider to leading retailers and fashion-design houses, such as Donna Karan, has garnered a reputation for not only the quality of its craftsmanship, but also its thorough understanding of its product ? how the horn takes to color, how it should be shaped, and polished, and what best brings out the natural beauty of this wearable art in its purest form.

Sculpted from natural horn (sourced as an animal by-product) and reclaimed leather, and brilliantly colored by the company's patented, safe dying techniques, Luxehorn's vibrant array of earrings, necklaces and cuffs are more like artisan treasures than mere pieces of jewelry.

"Choosing color can be a complex process, particularly when color is going to be applied to an organic material where every piece is different," says Vaverko.

Luxehorn has mastered this skill, separating the company from the competition and helping its retailers succeed in their business. Luxehorn's knowledge and recommendations contribute to the pieces� marketability and drive sales.

"We suggest to our retailers the best color, or sometimes we will keep it natural in its color; whichever fits best to the particular horn. Not every piece of horn can be colored in every color," adds Vaverko.

The founder of Luxehorn (former Castaways Design) says that at times, customers will request a certain color, but that color may not be what's best for the final outcome of the piece. "We know how each piece will look when it�s finished, and our customers trust our guidance."

In the end, the decision always produces a beyond-stunning outcome.

For instance, Local Charm jewelry studios, which carry Luxehorn pieces, have found that allowing for Luxehorn's liberty results in the highest state of aesthetic and originality. "When the item is delivered with the best possible look and feel, they are able to sell it easier. Local Charm, for instance, is one of our many retailers who trust in our understanding of their clients, and who work with us because of our total dedication to delivering the best finished product."

This very special relationship between Luxehorn retailers and the company itself results in pieces that are signature to each store.

An explosive array of colors, bold but feather-light geometric forms and the use of unconventional materials all come together to create something truly expressive. Black leather and red horn is the most popular combination, but Luxehorn jewelry is also created in many other dynamic color duos: Violet dances with lilac, deep blue glistens like clear water, white ice brings to mind grand glaciers, and browns conjure a tiger's eye when set against bronze leather.

"Our goal is to create the most beautiful, eco-conscious jewelry, and for our retailers to know that when they present a Luxehorn piece, they are selling something extraordinary."