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Luxehorn Blazing Trails of Eco-Chic Jewelry.

Retailers, customers value Luxehorn�s sustainable style.

Imagine a beautiful piece of jewelry that not only sparks conversation because of its striking appearance, but also carries the conversation a step further as eco-chic fashion.

"Our jewelry and accessories aren't only created for adventurous spirits, but for the socially aware, who not only want to look good in what they are wearing, but feel good about it, too" says Nick Vaverko, founder of Luxehorn.

Sculpted from natural horn, which is sourced as an animal by-product in Europe, and using reclaimed leather, Luxehorn's jewelry and accessories are created from materials that may have otherwise ended up in landfills, burned, buried or ground into dust. The result of this rescuing is turned into eco-conscious, wearable art, stunning and satisfying in so many ways.

"We utilize both materials and blend them together into original, eye-catching items" adds Vaverko.

Retailers find the eco-initiative of Luxehorn's pieces add to the interest of the collection, strengthen marketability and boost sales. Many clients become Luxehorn collectors, loyal followers and active ambassadors, intrigued by the notion of the company's ability to create such breathtaking works of art from natural and reclaimed resources. Word of mouth about Luxehorn's responsible practices is also a positive reflection on the retailers who are associated with the brand.

The natural resources used for these high-fashion, eco-friendly pieces also help Luxehorn stand apart from man-made products, creating endless possibilities for jewelry that is expressive and limitless.

When Vaverko first began his company, he called it Castaways Design, a name that implied human spirit and innovation that becomes a necessity on a deserted island. "In that environment, a person would not have access to traditional, factory-made objects and would have to rely on resourcefulness" he says.

Luxehorn's designs are resourceful, and art in its purest form. Inspired and original, each piece is made by artisans dedicated to this fine craft and in line with the company's eco-conscious initiatives.

The foundation of each piece begins with a direction and a concept, all built around the natural beauty of the horn. Each horn is different and has its own personality in terms of how it is shaded, shaped, and in its variations of streaks ? traits that cannot be replicated. "Each and every one is beautiful, and what we do is reveal this beauty" elaborates Vaverko.

Brilliantly colored by the company's patented, safe dyeing techniques, the pieces demonstrate a clear commitment to a cleaner environment. "We feel good about what we are doing, and when our customers learn of our commitment to sustainable fashion, they join us on this journey of style that is awe-inspiring, yet responsible, too."